Research Themes

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

An important goal of the Social and Emotional Wellbeing Unit is to primarily conduct research concerned with identifying the social determinants and social consequences of mental disorders. The intent is to promote the development and implementation of effective programs to enhance healthy psychological development of school-age students and reduce mental health barriers to learning.

The research adopts a life course and ecological perspective; emphasizing family and broader community influences. A fundamental aspect of our current research is to identify pathways and methods whereby resilience can be built on and enhanced to measurably improve the wellbeing and social outcomes or life chances of school children, families and groups. It is important to understand how resilience is promoted within Palestinian family and social relationships despite the adverse impacts of social change and occupation.

Several of the current research projects involve partnerships with government and non-government organizations. We also aim to build the capacity of both researchers and students in the areas of mental health epidemiology and social policy.

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