Books & Book Chapters

Books & Book Chapters


Yossi Harel-Fisch, Ziad Abdeen and Miriam Navot (2016). Growing up in the Middle East: The daily lives and well-being of Israeli and Palestinian youth, New York: Nova Science, Book series: Pediatrics, child and adolescent health.

Abdeen, Z. and Qasrawi, R.(2010). Palestinian Food: The First Palestinian National Nutrition Survey (FPNNS2000), VDM Publishing House Ltd.,  17, Meldrum Street,  Beau-Bassin, Mauritius.

Abdeen, Z. and Abu-Libdeh, H. (1993). Palestinian Population Handbook, Part I, The West Bank and Gaza Strip, Planning and Research Center Publications, Jerusalem.


Chapters in Books

Weiss, S., Sawa, G., Abdeen, Z., Yanai, J. (2001). Drug Problems – Cross-Cultural Policy and Program Development, Alcohol Use among Moslems and Druze in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority: Theoretical Aspects and Trends, Chapter 5, pp71 – 87, Edited by Auburn House, Westport, Connecticut, Greenwood Publishing Group.

Barnea T. & Abdeen Z.(2001). Cooperate and cooperate: The role of Health Professionals in Promoting Coexistence, Chapter 26, pp: 354 – 372, Edited by Greenwood Publishing Group.


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