The Al-Quds Nutrition and Health Research Institute (ANAHRI) is a research organization based at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, West Bank in the Faculty of Medicine.

ANAHRI works in partnership and supports three main stakeholder groups, generating, managing and sharing information and knowledge that contribute to health promotion and disease prevention.

First established in 1997 as the Operational Research Laboratory (ORL) the Al-Quds Nutrition and Health Research Institute (ANAHRI) changed its name in 2002 to better represent the work they do.

Strategic goals

Analysis and inter-sectoral integration of data and publications to better understand the current nutrition and health situation, both in terms of practice and policy, and to utilize the findings to inform decision-makers.

ANAHRI aims to:

Core functions

In fulfilling its aims, ANAHRI performs the following core functions:

Values and principles

We work in an environment that values: