Manufacturing, Assembling and Distributing Solar Powered Digital Hearing Aid

 The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 7% of the world’s population, or roughly 300 million people, suffer hearing impairment. The WHO also states that the prevalence of hearing impairment in Middle East varies from 9-13% of the total population. The Middle East is the region of the world most affected, across boundaries and barriers of language, culture, religion and ethnicity, by genetically transferred diseases and impairments. The Middle East is the region of the world with the highest incidence of consanguineous marriage, or marriage among first cousins. Also, in countries with substantial development challenges such as Palestine, coordinated action needs to be taken not only by government but by civil society to ensure that this significant portion of the population affected by genetically transferred diseases can be guaranteed their rights of access to social services, health care services, education, employment, and full and equitable participation in society.

Getting a child a hearing aid at an early age will enable this child to be main streamed into local school, develop speech, thereby affording this child an education as well as chance to break the cycle of poverty which without a hearing aid would be virtually impossible.

Through partnership with Middle East Hearing Association (MEHA), and various stakeholders in the region and the United States, and in conjunction with the deaf employees from an NGO   in Botswana and Brazil, we will manufacture, assemble and distribute, throughout the Middle-East, a low cost digital rechargeable hearing aid, solar battery charger with rechargeable hearing aid batteries. By developing practical technologies for the region and creating employment, training and educational programs, this project will create a sustainable professional NGO, affect the way civil society views the skills of people with disabilities.

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